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Who:  we are Ben and Janelle Komorowski, a regular couple who wanted to fulfill our dream of living off-grid and becoming self-sufficient as much as possible.

What:  we organized the first Thrivalist Fair in 2019. After a break for Covid, we reorganized in 2022. This year, we will host the fourth annual Thrivalist Fair.

When:  May 26-27, from 8 - 5 pm, with bonus night classes and activities the evening of the 26th.

Where:  The mountains outside of northeastern Washington. The fair is held at 1716 Swiss Valley Road in Addy, Washington.  

Why:  Our great-grandparents weathered the depression because they were accustomed to a lifestyle of saving and planning ahead. They thrived on being self-sufficient and knowing how to do as many things as possible. We started the fair because we wanted to learn to provide for ourselves like our ancestors did, and to build community with others who seek a more self-sufficient and satisfying lifestyle. 

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